5 Things You Need To Look Into When Opting For A HGV Vacancy

If you are looking at a job that will be able to satisfy you and offer you the best perks in the driving profession, then you should be able to select the best job based on the right concerns and comfort. You would like to have the best work environment and company culture when looking for a truck driving job.

Here Are The Top 5 Things You Need To Look Into When Opting For A HGV Vacancy:


1. Check the pay rate before you join the best trucking company. Most trucking companies pay the professional drivers a per mile rate that increases with experience. There will be companies that often verify the experience you have by going back to previous employers. You should check if the companies often pay for certain events and make additional pick ups payable. Check the overall pay plan and also ask the mileage rate.


2. The trucking companies often pay drivers for the shortest or the HHG miles, better known as the Household Goods miles. The practical routes for trucks and driving in these routes may be a troublesome affair. The difference between the shortest and the practical distance can be up to 5 per cent and you should clear out the air before starting off work.


3. Ask for the home time policy of the probable employer and define the general expectation of how long the driver should stay on the road.


4. Ensure that the company has the policy on safety and is clear about the alerts and interventions extended to drivers. There are inspections often carried out by companies and certain companies have specific set of rules, compliance policies and safety fitness schedules for its drivers. Make sure you check these after applying and when negotiating a deal.


5. Finally, ask the company about its fleet of trucks and whether these are too old or relatively new. The evolving regulation on emissions, safety checks and other financial worries need to be sorted out before you actually take to the wheel as a driver. Ensure that the trucks are reliable and have low downtime in terms of driver engagement. Those companies that have a lot of safety features inside their trucks with latest technologies should be a better choice. Drivers should know this a lot better after sitting for an interview.

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