Everybody wants a job that pays big and is enjoyable. Finding an ideal one? Now that is a difficult task.

In the present market scenario, where we are all compromising either with the remuneration or with job satisfaction, the HGV Driver industry is still a flourishing one. It requires adequate amount of skill, but a driving training can be obtained by anyone.


It is not easy to drive a Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV). You need further training above the basic driving skill, for driving these vehicles. The brighter side is that, there are many training schools that offer HGV training. Any willing candidate can easily enrol and open scopes for a better and brighter future. At present there is a huge shortage of skilled HGV drivers in U.K. It is an approximate deficiency of about 40,000 drivers! This means a qualified HGV driver can easily find a suitable job with an appropriate salary. In fact there is a raging competition among reputed companies, all seeking the best drivers.


Anybody can be a driver, but you need to have extra skill to be a HGV driver. If you are ready to put in your effort and time into training, you too can be one. You need no extra educational qualifications or high grades for these training. With a full U.K. driving license, just enrol yourself in one of the HGV training schools and dedicate yourself in self-improvement.

The HGV training centers encompass all the skills required to pass a HGV driving examination. Find a good training center that will prepare you well, for getting a HGV driver license.


If you are a qualified HGV driver already, congratulations. It is not so easy as it sounds. After your training you will find a large number of job opportunities knocking at your door. It is advisable you find a good recruitment agency.

A good HGV driver recruitment agency will be able to find you your ideal job. Find an agency associated with big brands and reputed clients. A reliable recruitment agency is always accredited to the REC. It should also have loyal driver pool. A reputed agency can find you a suitable job easily and you can always continue with them if their payments and terms are feasible for you.

If you are located in U.K. and have good driving skills, try your hand in HGV driving. It is a promising career that will make you happy and help to earn well.