Top 5 Questions When Looking for a Truck Driving Job – Part 2

Getting through a truck driving job may not be all that easy given the competitive environment in most driving companies. You can take the route through HGV driving agencies or even visit companies looking for the right opportunity to come by your way.

Here Are The Top 5 Questions To Ask Before You Land The Job In The Company:

1. If you are going to drive on a long road, you need to be clear about the out days and number of in days as a driver for the company. Take account of the inverters and the auxiliary power units and the APUs, before you drive the vehicle.

  • These APUs are typically plumbed in and have to be powered by the truck’s diesel tanks.
  • They should ideally burn less fuel and have a great performing power engine.

Check the APU compliance of the truck before you actually get on to driving it. The cooling systems also need to be in place and the battery system well charged to make it a good journey every time as a driver.

2. Check if the truck company has regional and local jobs that are dedicated to single customers. These can be a desirable job for certain drivers.

3. Ensure that the company you get hired for has electronic logs. This is a much better way of tracking performances and driving history.

  • These electronic systems are put in place inside the trucks and provide real time information about the operational times and driving histories.
  • These help in staying up to date and compliance and productivity drastically increases.

4. Check for the trucking terminals of the drivers and see if the company has infrastructure and amenities that help its driver fraternity. Showers and paperwork kiosks that scan the regional trucking documents while on travel are a must before you agree to drive for the company. The quality of the terminals speaks volumes about driver convenience and safety.

5. Apart from the amenities, make sure that you take into account the references and recommendations of other drivers and competitor companies. Talk to other employers and check the online message boards and social media outlets. These websites should have a lot of reviews that should help serve the purpose of selecting the best offer.

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