Top 5 Questions When Looking for a Truck Driving Job – Part 3

Before you start driving for a heavy truck and freight company, you should ask the pertinent questions that will help you decide on the best job well suited to your acumen and experience. A HGV driver’s job is often fraught with many troubles and it is mandatory that you check all the necessary prerequisites of the job before you sign on the dotted line.

Here Are The 5 Questions You Need To Ask Before You Take Up A Truck Driving Job:

  • Check for the employee benefits that the company pays to the drivers and their families.
  • Check to see if the compensation package and the retirement plans are in place.
  • Even drivers need that extra layer of security and need a comprehensive dental and health plan.

2. Ask if the company allows other riders to travel with the driver designate. If they have a specific policy, check on that and make sure the authorization policy is clear and adequate. Ask about the weather policies and see if these apply to you as well.

3. Professional drivers often get paid for down time and breakdown. Check that you qualify for detention pay and truck maintenance issues or even lack fo freight are covered for certain trips. Ensure that the pay plan is accurate and fair.

4. Ask about the customer base and see whether the trucking company hauls in times of crisis.

  • Does this have an impact on the driver? Ask for the customer portfolio of the company and find out what the policy in case the driver has to sit through the non- peak times of the year.
  • The carrier should be able to have a direct relationship with the shippers or brokers. Ensure there is clarity over this clause before you actually join.

If there are middlemen then the freight base of the company is weak. You need to think about the job you are taking up.

5. Finally, it makes sense to find out how long the company has been in business of freights and trucking. Find out if the company has been able to wether the storms and cyclical downturns. The brand integrity and employee satisfaction are things you need to consider before joining.

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