What To Check When Buying a Used HGV Vehicle

Heavy Goods Vehicle
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When you are buying a used pickup truck or a HGV vehicle, you need to keep in mind a few things that will help you in the long run in maintaining the vehicle and also keep it in top shape. You need to check if the seller has good quality records and the mechanics are in great shape. Here are the top things to check when you buy an used HGV vehicle:

  • Try and Examine The Truck In Broad Daylight

A properly well lit parking lot may reveal the outer problems of the truck. You should go for an inspection and find out what is wrong with the truck. Make sure the truck is on level ground and you can check the fluids in it.

  • Check The Openings And Find If The Body Panel Is Alright.

You can run your hand along the bottom of the doors and find if the rusty and hard edges are noticeable to the touch. You should check the panels and see if the body is wavy and uneven. If the body is plastic made, it will repel a magnet.

  • Check For The Raised Spots On The Roof Of The Car.

If there is rust underneath, you should be able to have a good view of the situation. Extended inspections are a must in this job, the tire also needs to be inspected and leakage identified. These obviously include leakage of brake fluid and greasing.

  • Inspection For Hoods And Radiator Cap

The hood needs to be raised and the radiator cap removed to be inspected. A good look at the coolant fluid and whether it is green in color is a thing that you must check. The engine always has the tendency to overheat and the quality of the fluid often is bad. Use a good tester to find out the quality and then check the air filter and whether it is dirty or not. If there are large quantities of oil and grease, it is necessary that the engine is cleaned.

  • Start The Engine And Check If There Are No Thuds

Finally, start the engine and check if there are no thuds and knocks. The sounds may lead to bad crankshaft and connecting bearing of rods. These may require costly repairs, so check and find out before its too late and you buy the vehicle.

No matter how hard you try, making a bad buy is always a risk when it comes to buying a used HGV vehicle, for more of HGV jobs, visit drivetechservices.co.uk

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